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I clearly played way too much T4C if I can pull NPC names like Glaenshenmilandira off the top of my head 15 years after the last time I played.
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he's been sick for some time, and completely blind for days. about 5 this afternoon he started seizing. I took him outside and held him in my arms, and the sun came out and shined on his head, and he turned his face to the warmth and strained his whole body towards it. and then he was gone.

goodbye, Mickey. we'll always love you.

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what do you do . . .

. . . when someone gives you a motorcycle that's been sitting under a tree for twenty-odd years?

well, if you're me (which of course I am), you rebuild the carb, air up the tubes, shake up some premix, & ride it. total investment so far: about 70 bucks. one tube was just shot, the clutch cable was completely seized up, & I got some marine vinyl to cover the seat foam.

not worth getting all the street equipment back on it, so now I'm looking for something else to get some highway experience before I take the practical.

I wonder if Ron still has that 650 . . ..

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a wasp crawled around on my hand for several minutes, looking ever more frantic & confused until it finally flew away.
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also: yay respiratory infections.

last month I was so busy that I ended up sleeping in parking lots several times, worked 6.5 hours into double time one day, wrecked my new car, and got another raise. this month? nada.

I like the industry but I have got to find a better company.
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I suppose it indicates some sort of healing, but I'd really prefer to still have no strength rather than setting my arm on fire approximately every time I use my strong hand for anything.
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